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Slimpod – Day 1

So here I am, on day one. In the interests of full disclosure, it’s not really Day 1. I started Slimpod for the first time over 6 months ago, and I felt very good for the first few days. But life was truly overwhelming at that time and I really didn’t have the capacity to put anything new in my head. But now I do, and I figured “Hey, if I’m restarting anyway, let’s share the journey from the start!” (You can just rewatch everything, like I did, or you can have Cusomter Services reset your access so you get all the introductory emails again).

The first time I listened to the pod, I listened consciously (which you don’t need to do). I wanted to know what the words were first, before I let them play casually in the background. I couldn’t imagine playing it while I sleep without knowing what it was! So after listening through it through once, I was ready to trust the process, but in a way that was going to work for me.

Which is why I prefer to listen to the pods during the day. At night, I find that they make me a bit restless. Going to sleep at night is the one time of the day when I feel like I can truly let my mind relax and have my thoughts go wherever they want. I really didn’t want to give up my number one relaxing moment for the day. So I listen to the pods in my lunch break, sometimes on repeat (also not necessary, but i find it calming).

I know that I’m prone to being too much “in my head”, and sometimes struggle to be aware of how I’m treating myself and how best to maintain my mental and physical wellbeing. I feel good about Slimpod, and I think it might benefit me in more ways than just weight loss.

Help for Podders at Slimpod Help Centre
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