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Slimpod – Phase 1: update 5

I’ve nearly finished Level 2 (in my tortoise style!) and here are the main differences that I’m noticing:

  • I’m snacking less. Before having a snack, I’m asking myself if I’m genuinely hungry. More often than not, I’m actually frustrated about something and looking for comfort or a crunchy outlet. So instead, I usually take a break. I get a cup of tea or refill my water bottle, all at a leisurely pace, and then do a different activity for a few minutes. Maybe write a few notes, think about wins, or just scroll Instagram. Then I go back to what I was doing.
  • I’m not thinking about scales or measurements. I see the scales and the measuring tape every day, but I’m not using them. I’ve always told myself that the numbers don’t mean anything, but sometimes they creep back into my mind. Now it really doesn’t bother me. I will measure at some point I’m sure, but I’m not feeling the need to at the moment.
  • Everything I do – food related or otherwise – I do with a bit more mindfulness. Not to say that I’m not running on autopilot at all, or that I’ve given up mindless scrolling (or daydreaming!), but I do feel a bit more present. I’m more conscious and considerate of how I am spending my time and energy, as well as what I’m choosing to eat, and I feel that will be very beneficial to me in the long run. 
  • I’ve only just begun a routine with the treadmill, so that hasn’t bedded in yet, but it’s off to a good start. 
  • My energy levels are all over the place! I’m very awake late at night, I’m not sure what that’s about! I need to work on that so I’m feeling awake at 6am, instead of 11pm.

I’m really glad that I’m not thinking about outcomes and just trying to enjoy rediscovering myself.

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