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Slimpod – Phase 2: update 3

I’m aware that I’m taking the whole programme very slowly. I’m putting no pressure on myself at all, so if I go a week without watching the videos, I don’t mind. I’ve been overweight and unsure of myself for over 30 years, so following a 12 week programme over 6 months or even two years doesn’t bother me. All I am looking for is that feeling of living my own life, being mindful of what I do, and feeling content. I’ve had periods of time over my life of being mostly content, often being content with my direction rather than where I was at that moment. Currently, I’m still easily thrown off my rhythm. I get a cold, or hormonal, or I’m just feeling frustrated with things and I disengage. But it’s okay, I know I struggle with routines. I’m still feeling good about it all. I also accidentally found out I had lost a few kilos, so I’m not going backwards!

I will admit that I panicked a little when the programme started to talk about mediterranean eating. But I calmed a little when it was just a suggestion that if you eat less processed food you’ll probably feel better and there are fewer side effects (e.g. sugar can be addictive, etc). It does really help to make it easier to not think about food. If I’m eating something real then I’m treating myself well. It seems easy! And when I’m on my own, it is. In a social setting it’s very different.

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