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Slimpod – Phase 2: update 2

Finally back up to 90% after a sinus infection threw me off course for a while. I missed a lot of wins and intentions because I really struggled to get my brain into gear. Still have sinuses that should come with a flood warning, but overall feeling a lot better. I started setting intentions again and felt an improvement within a day. I had been mentally noting wins, but I needed a better way to record them that I could really enjoy looking back and seeing how far I’d come. So I created a template for my bullet journal that will allow me to record my wins each day and see progress.

P.S. I posted about it on Facebook later!

Writing wins feels like a funny thing to do. Many podders treat wins the same as gratitudes, and I’m keen to focus wins only on things that take me towards my goals, but that includes self-care. I had a giggle online about “little treat culture”. There was a meme about it getting out of hand, and that it was excessive to be “treating” yourself every day with a pricey fancy coffee. There are also articles about the pros and cons of treating yourself every day. But when you’re doing a programme like this with an approach of mental wellbeing, I can see how taking time out for a “little treat” is good for wellbeing. The bit to change though is what the treat is, and to “treat yourself with respect”. A time out, and skin care routine, a good stretch can all feel like a treat and does more good for you than a caramelatte frappucino. Still, I’m finding it hard to treat myself at all because treating myself with respect is not a natural habit for me. It will be a hard one to develop.

A starting point has come from one of the best lines from the Facebook group: “I am not a dustbin”. It definitely comes to mind when I’m eating what’s on my plate as not to waste food! Why feel bloated as not to “waste” food? If I feel uncomfortable and I didnt’ need the food, eating is a waste anyway. And I don’t want to be a dustbin!

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