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I have been following podcasts on and off for years, and these are the top accounts, writers, influencers and celebrities who have helped me find better wasy to stay in touch with my self and my wellbeing.

Jay Shetty: On Purpose

Former monk and motivational speaker Jay Shetty brings mindfulness to the forefront of personal development. Shetty emphasizes the practice of mindfulness meditation as a tool for cultivating inner peace and enhancing self-awareness. I found him a little to gentle and slow when I first started listening to him, but he’s great for beginners looking for an account to follow, and over the years he’s grown as a person, and grown on me! His book Think Like A Monk has sold over 2.7 million copies, and you’ve probably seen one of his viral videos.

Ryan Holiday: The Daily Stoic

Ryan Holiday and Ryder Carroll (of The Daily Stoic is an easy addition to the day), and once I’ve finished Ryan Holiday’s books I plan to read some of the older texts.

Nicole Lepera: The Holistic Psychologist

Clinical psychologist and holistic wellness advocate Nicole Lepera explores the intersection of mental health and self-care. Lepera’s teachings revolve around the concept of “self-healing,” emphasising the importance of understanding and addressing the root causes of mental and emotional challenges. I cannot tell you how helpful Nicole Lepera’s book How To Do The Work has been to many people I know, and I had an tranformative experience with one the videos on her Instragram account! If you do the work, you can truly change how you feel about life!

Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash

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