Podder Recommendations

If you have landed here without knowing about Slimpod, and the mental and physical joy it has brought me and many others, you can read about this programme and why I love it by following my wellbeing journey!

And if you’re a podder who saw something you liked on Slimpod Club (SC) and now you’re wondering “What was that think I saw that someone recommended the other day?”, you might find the answer here! (Please be aware that SC is a private Facebook group, so you will only be able to open SC links if you are a Slimpod Gold or Slimpod Extra member).

Please also note that I update this page about three to four times per week, so if a link you want isn’t here, come back tomorrow! If there is something you are looking for in particular and can’t find it, send me a message on Facebook and I’ll make it a top priority for my next update!


  • Brian Mayne in the Week 3 videos
  • Dale Pinnock in the Week 5 videos


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