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Podder Glossary

Cat tell your UHP from your LWR? Here is a list of some of the common words and terminology you will find in Slimpod Club.

AffirmationsA statement of positive support or encouragement.
Bingo CardsRandomised daily Bingo Cards I created to help motivate me throughout the day. Available to download for MS Excel and Google Sheets.
Brian MayneThe creator of Brian Mayne’s Goal Mapping, which is introduced in Level 3.
CanvaAn online graphic design platform which can be a great alternative for making a visual goal map (you can find my template here).
ChallengesEvery now and then on Slimpod Club, there is a 7-day challenge or a monthly challenge. This is a fun opportunity to give your journey a boost by joining in with the community for a shared goal. It might be something light, like giving yourself a high-five every day, or it could be a joint physical challenge, like March in March which saw our combined steps take us up Mt Everest!
Coaching videosSlimpod Gold is 12 Levels of online coaching videos (aka “the weekly videos) from the website. In the early days it’s easy to forget that new videos are released every week. you can rewatch your videos at any time, and may podders go back multiple times to catch things they missed the first time.
Cognitive dissonaceYou know that uncomfortable feeling of doing something that you want to do but you know it’s not good for you? That’s cognitive dissonance. Check out the Slimpod Lives for some great videos about this.
CortisolYour stress hormone, that wants you to have the energy your body needs in an emergency. Sadly, that also means it holds on to fat around your belly! Check out the Slimpod Lives about this. Level 7, Level 8, Level 11 all cover more information about the effects of cortisol.
Dale Pinnock“The Medicinal Chef” – a popular chef who promotes mediterranean-style eating. He has a website, Instagram, and an online programme. You can join Dale’s programme with a discount using the Slimpod discount code.
DietThe word “diet” means “the food and drink usually eaten or drunk by a person or group“. This is not restrictive. So the term “Mediterranean diet” jsut means food traditionally eaten in the Mediterranean. It’s good to be aware of this when seeing the word “diet”, when it is often used to describe restrictive plans of eating.
Diet HeadOften in Slimpod Club, people will refer to “diet head”. This refers to many people’s established style of thinking that often comes from a dieting mindset. Slimpod trains you back out of this way of thinking back towards having a normal, healthy attitude towards food. If you find that you are attaching virtues to food (e.g. good and bad), or you are setting goals that are unrealistic/unhealhty (such as expecting to lose a set amount of weight every week), or if you ever think that an action or result of yours is a “failure”, diet head might be involved!
Emotional eatingEating for reaons other than hunger, e.g. habit or comfort.
Extrinsic motivationMotivation that comes from something external to you, like payment, or feedback from others.
FructoseFructose itself is a natural sugar, however many processed foods contain “high-fructose corn syrup”, which is often referred to as simply fructose. If the context relates to highly processed foods, it is likely that fructose refers specifically to high-fructose corn syrup.
Goal mapA visual representation of what you want to achieve, why you want to achieve it, and how you will get there. The introduction to goal mapping is in Level 3 video 1.
Inner CriticYour inner critic is that voice in your head that is judgemental and negative, and encourages you to be defeatist. Find out more in Level 3, video 6.
Insulin and insulin resistanceThe hormone that turns sugars into energy. Insulin resistance is when you body doesn’t convert this effectively and it forces your pancreas to produce more insulin. This can lead to diabetes.
Intrinsic motivationMotivation that comes from within yourself, that gives you personal satisfaction without any external reward.
Leptin and leptin resistanceThe hormone that triggers your hunger levels based on your levels of fat stored in the body. Leptin resistance is when you don’t recognise being full or satiated and eat more than your body needs.
LivesSee Sandra’s Lives
Lucy Wyndham-ReadA YouTube fitness instructor who offers great short workouts and is very beginner friendly. She is first mentioned in Level 4, video 4.
LWRSee Lucy Wyndham-Read
NEATNon-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis. The daily exercise that maintains you throughout your day as a side (like going up the stairs to put away your washing), not what you have done intentionally (like going to the gym).
Pods: Chillpod Stressbuster“Chillpod”. This is an optional pod that can help reduce your stress levels, making it easier to make good decisions.
Pods: Fitpod Motivator“Fitpod”. This is an optional pod that can encourage you to move more each day. It is released in Phase 3 (if you can’t see it, log out and log back in again).
Pods: Slimpod for Weight Loss“The pod” – this is the pod that you listen to every day.
Pods: SugarpodThis is an optional pod that can help you address sugar addiction. DO NOT listen to this pod without watching the accompanying video, and only listen if you have a problem with sugar. It is released in Phase 2 (if you can’t see it, log out and log back in again).
Red ribbonSee Ribbon Method
ReframingTaking a negative thought or situation, and choosing to think about it in a more positive way. E.g. “Ugh, I have so much work to do” changes to “I can really make a positive difference by completing this work!”
Rewards Centreaka Nucleus accumbens – the part of your brain that tells you something is good and you want to keep doing it. Its where dopamine comes from (the neurotransmitter that makes you feel satisfied, and motivated.
Ribbon method or ribbon challengeSee here:
SandraSee Sandra Roycroft Davis
Sandra Roycroft DavisThe creator of Slimpod, and the host of the Facebook Lives (see Sandra’s Lives).
Sandra’s LivesA weekly Facebook Live hosted by Sandra. These are recorded and can be found under Guides on the Facebook page, and a complete list is here.
Self-limiting beliefsA thought you have about yourself that stops you from achieving what you want. It’s the negative version of “If you believe, you can achieve” – if you don’t believe, you won’t achieve.
Set Point TheoryEverybody is different and you might find yourself dropping weight and then stalling. This plateau is normal and healthy and you can get past it. Allow yourself to relax about these results and focus on the learning process you are experiencing. To get all sciencey about it, you can read about Set Point Theory in the fact sheet (Level 3, video 5).
Slimpod ClubThe Facebook group for all members of Slimpod, including people on the 10 day trial.
Slimpod ExtraThe optional “follow-on” programme for members who complete the 12 levels of Slimpod Gold and want to continue with structured support.
Slimpod GoldThe standard programme for Slimpod. This is three payments of £33 (as of 2024), which gives you access to the 12 weeks’ of videos for life AND the Slimpod Cluc for life!\
Superfoods ChallengeThis is in the Level 6 coaching videos. Essentially, try to include one avocado per week, and a portion of spinach and broccoli 2 to 3 times per week (a portion is often considered about the size of your palm). These foods can help encourage your body to produce glutathione, which can help your body to release stored fat.
#thenversusnowA hastag used in the group to show off our great results!
TrelloTrello is a visual project management tool which can be used for a number of different purposes, and is a popular alternative to use for a goal map. There is a Slimpod Trello template to use if you don’t feel attached to the Brian Mayne style of goal map. I have a Trello template as well.
TrevorTrevor Silvester, the voice of the Pods
UHPSee Ultra High Processed foods
Ultra High Processed foodsAs per this BBC article, UHP foods are “…manufactured to be convenient and cheap, has a long shelf life and is generally ready to eat or ready to heat.” This often means they are made with preservaticves, additives, and other products that don’t have a good nutritional value. They may also be addictive, harder to digest, and possibly lead to health issues. The more you eat real food (i.e. not overly processed stuff), you will get more nutritional value, maintain your energy levels better, and feel satiated for longer.
VisualisationMentally picturing an outcome. Visualisation is something that can be tricky, or even triggering. If visualisation is not your strong suit, Sandra suggested hanging a pair of jeans on your door that is a size smaller than you are now. When you can fit them, hang the next size down. And let’s face it,a lot of us still have clothes that don’t fit us anymore, that can be a good use for it. Another way might be to use an AI image generator to show you in your new life!
WinsIn the Slimpod programme, you are encouraged to write three wins every day. While many people use wins interchangibly with classic gratitude journalling (and the Slimpod FAQs say the same), I try to following the couaching video guidance on this and aim for things I have done or notice that are changes from the old me, to the person I want to be. I may have the same thing for many days in a row because I want to build the habit (e.g. did a LWR workout), or I might notice somethihng I didn’t expect (felt restless and made a herbal tea instead of hitting up the vending machine).

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