3 times when it’s helpful to use a recruiter

The internet is full of job boards. Most employers have a “Vacancies” page on their website, and you’re always being encouraged to “network” to find your next job. So why do people use recruiters? Aren’t they just a go-between that’s makes live easier for the employer, but harder for you?

No! Or not necessarily.

Here are the top 3 situations when a recruiter can make a big difference to your job hunt!

1. You undersell yourself

If you aren’t getting interviews for jobs you know you can do, you are probably underselling yourself. Employers don’t always want someone who can already do the job with their eyes closed; this raises concerns that someone with too much experience will get bored and move on within a short time. A recruiter can help identify your strengths and match these to a role that you can do well enough to hit the ground running, but with enough scope to grow.

2. You’re looking for a career change

It can be ver difficult to convince an employer to take you on when you don’t have direct experience in their field. A recruiter can talk with you about what skills you have and why you want to move. They will then be able to sell your strengths directly to the right employer with the correct terminology for the field.

3. You work in a specialist field

If your area of work is narrow, the jobs may not always make it to the public job boards. Using a recruiter will be the fastest way to find out about these vacancies. Plus, they will appreciate your niche skills and know who to contact to find you the perfect fit!

Recruiters sometime get a poor reputation for not calling back, or offering roles that aren’t what you, as a candidate, are looking for. Don’t give up! Contact a few recruiters until you find someone that clicks with you. Your dream job could be in their inbox right now, ready for you!

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