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Are you an introvert who wants more out of life, but it seems a bit scary, or just a bit too much effort? Do you want to travel, get that promotion, try new things but it all just scares the tiddlywinks out of you? Hermitopia has been made for you by a happy hermit who has been through it all.

Need a little push to chase your dreams? Perhaps you want to know how to “sell yourself” at your next job interview what you truly despise talking about yourself? Get the advice you need to get what you want out of life – hermit style.

I am Ellie, notorious hermit

Growing up, I’ve had people think I couldn’t talk. I was scared of unexpected visitors and of saying “hello”. I went to uni, became even more depressed than usual, then deferred and got my first “real” job. Despite being strikingly socially awkward, working felt good. I moved around jobs looking for better oppotunities, and two things happened:

  1. I got more interviews and better job offers than friends and colleagues with more experience, and
  2. I still didn’t feel like I fit in – socially, or professionally.

What was happening here? People were telling me that I had everything, why did I still feel lost?

So I made a radical decision – I left everyone who was telling me “you’ve got your life sorted”. I left my “sorted” life and rebooted myself in the UK as a university student again.

It was great! With nobody to tell me that I should be happy, I made happiness of my own. I acted goofy. I spoke up. I was true to myself in ways I’d never done before. I felt the difference between being shy and being introverted; I was now only the latter. I returned home, with new confidence, a new degree and the hottest guys in my class who turned out to be the love of my life!

I had learned who I truly was and want was important to me. I’d learned how to set goals and achieve them. I threw myself back into the job hunt at a time when my main field was being gutted (resulting 100s of applications for each vacancy), and I still managed to get an excellent job.

Why wasn’t it enough?

I was still missing the energy that came from following my dreams my way. So I freed myself from comparing my dreams to others and found true happiness!

Not bad for someone who was told that she would never amount to anything and would only be “a hermit”. Would never leave the house. Would never have a job. Too shy and anxious she wouldn’t even answer the phone until she was 15 (I kid you not, this is true).

I now have a Master’s degree, a powerful addiction to my loving husband, a curiosity about everything in the world, and a chronic need to write and to help others in any way I can. I also find a way to feel at home, everywhere. Just like a hermit.

I hope that one day this website will pay for itself. That’s why I use affiliate links and advertisers to help pay for the website. More information is availabel here.



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