Tue Review: 9 May 2017

Tue Review: 9 May 2017

My resignation has been handed in, I have a start date and I’m super nervous! I met with my new manager to get some background about the role and everything suggests that it’s going to be a really good fit for me. It’s a good team who are looking for someone who is positive and motivational, it’s a lovely environment and there’s room to grow with projects and networking opportunities.

I’m losing some annual leave and I won’t be able to wander around the city centre in my lunch break, but I can live with that. I won’t be able to lunch with friends because there won’t be anyone nearby, but my lunch will be free!

Actually, the only reason why I’m feeling apprehensive at the moment is that I’m still in “protection” mode. I’m living 4 versions of myself (more on that later).

Brain Goal: I will test my new blog plan over the craziness of Easter.
Action: Yeah, that didn’t work.

Body Goal: I will walk 10,000 steps per day.
Action: Most days I’m getting there, but that’s mainly because we’ve been on holiday. Best day was 27,000!!!

Soul Goal: I will write a business plan for my next venture – getting paid to write.
Action: On hold until after life calms down. If such things ever happen!

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