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Tue Review: 8 November 2016

Today feels extremely long, waiting for the results of the US elections. Having an interest in politics has caused several bouts of nausea this year. Ignorance isn’t just bliss, it’s better for one’s digestion! Nothing much to do now but wait and work on my next page for Hermitopia will which allow me to do more volunteering. Having not done any volunteer work for 5 years has also made me nauseated!

Brain Goal: I will read a book by Christmas.
Action: I’m 50 pages into Noam Chomsky’s “Hegemony or Survival”. Not exactly a relaxing read, but it’s engaging.

Body Goal: I will exercise for 1 hour per day, 6 days per week.
Action: All good, and I upped my weights at the gym. Grrr, I’m a tough guy! Well, not so much on the shoulder press where I still can barely manage my wimpy 5kgs ☺

Soul Goal: I will create a post for each of the new places I’ve visited this year. I will set up my volunteering-related new page by Christmas.
Action: I do want to create my other posts, really I do. But I broke a golden rule with that goal. It didn’t have a time limit. So I will come back to it after new year. In the meantime there’s something else I’ve wanted to do and I will make it happen!



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