Tue Review: 7 April 2020

Tue Review: 7 April 2020

It’s incredible to think of what life was like just one month ago, in comparison to today. I feel a little guilty about how much I’m enjoying working from home with hubby! I’m working hard, I’ve set up good connections with the team and we’ve got a nice routine going at home. I’m loving it!

But I can’t hide from how much horror and pain there is going around the world now. Covid-19 is horrible, not everyone is behaving themselves when it comes to social distancing, and around the world there are people – including “leaders” – making terrible decisions that just make matters worse. But we are doing out bit. I’m distancing for 12 weeks because of my asthma, hubby is distancing to support me, and we are doing everything by the book! So there’s not much more to do but enjoy the strange positives that restrictions provide!

Physical: Get my waist measurement to be under half my height.

Action: I lost a kilo in the first week of being at home. I suspect that some of that has returned – hubby’s favourite anti-boredom activity is cooking! Although the cheesecake was my (un)doing.

Mental: I will do intermittent fasting for a month. I’m going to learn a new skill.

Action: I have been thinking of doing an online drawing tutorial, because why not!

Spiritual: I will add some writing time to my morning routine.

Action: I’m not doing anything in the mornings before work now that we’re working from home, but I’m doing a little bit here and there.

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