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Tue Review: 6 June 2017

Tue Review: 6 June 2017

I’m actually writing this on Wednesday. What a week. The new job is great so far! Day one was intense information overload, but not as bad as most first days because I was familiar with some of the work already. Well, the terms for the work. I’ve not actually done any of it. The next two days have been less intense, more detail and lots and lots of meetings with people whose names I can’t remember.

I am so glad that many people there have their photos on their online profile, otherwise I wouldn’t even remember the names in my own team!

Brain Goal: I will test my new blog plan over the craziness of Easter. I will review my blog plan this weekend

Action: On hold,  BUT I hope to do some planning for Camp Nanowrimo next month.

Body Goal: I will walk 10,000 steps per day.
Action: Averaging 6-7k. Not bad not great.

Soul Goal: I will write a business plan for my next venture – getting paid to write.
Action: Still on hold 🙂

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