Tue Review: 5 September 2017

Tue Review: 5 September 2017

Did I miss a week again? Did I miss two? Yikes! Where does the time go? I’ve definitely been feeling out of sorts lately. There has been so much happening ever since we moved. I often feel as though my actions during the day are all predetermined, not by me. I’ve had to carve out tiny pockets of time to write, which is very difficult. Most days writing is just a dream. All I can usually manage is a few 5 minute blocks of Candy Crush Saga. Candy Crush is my lifesaver at the moment. It completely calms my mind down!

There are a lot of good things to look forward to on the horizon. We booked a spontaneous trip to France for a weekend, and we’re headed to Portugal for Christmas. I have high hopes for smoothing things out in the office over the coming months. My team are quite frazzled right now, and things will get worse before they get better, but one October comes most of the workload will ease. Senior Management have often referred to my role as the “ship’s captain”, and I hope to be seen as someone they can have faith in – thus avoiding a mutiny!

Now that the mess of moving house is calming down, I think I need to really stop and take accountability for how I’m managing life in general. I’ve really struggled lately to concentrate on getting one thing done at a time (common problem for me!) and instead I’m getting mentally exhausted for no measurable output. So I’ve wiped my goal list clean again. I need really simple, dead easy, super basic goals this week.

Brain: I will write a To-Do list.
Action: I write To-Do lists all the time. But what I mean by this one is that I will create a lazy whiteboard at home and write on it everything I want to get done, but only tasks that can actually be crossed off as totally complete. So I’m not going to put things like “write a blog post”, because that’s reoccurring. What I will put is the one-off tasks. Sort out the filing. Sign up to a local fitness class. Change our address with my loyalty cards. I get discouraged and distracted by long lists in my mind. It’s much better to have them on a whiteboard, where I can update it and can’t misplace it.

Body: I will have two “exercise days” per week.
Action: Sounds lazy, doesn’t it? Only exercising twice a week? But I need to stop overthinking this. I need to stop getting disappointed in myself every time I don’t do something. An “exercise day” will be a day I meet a good level of exercise: that means I scoot my commute, or I attend a fitness class, or I do 10k steps.

Soul: I will express myself creatively for 30 minutes each week.
Action: Okay, I realise that I have previously said that I don’t like vague goals. So I will define creative expression as writing, cooking or repairs. Cooking and repairs might sound like they are less creative, but I get the same feeling form it. There is a tangible result, which has been made by me. It’s satisfying all the same!

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