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Tue Review: 4 April 2017

Tue Review: 4 April 2017

At the moment, I’m running on “protection” mode. It comes across as something between snobby and aloof, possibly rude but that’s not the intention. It’s my survival mode when things are out of my control and I know that I’m not able to manage my emotions as much as I want to. Sometimes itโ€™s intentional and sometimes it’s automatic. Like a mobile phone, when you see the battery is running low, you might dim the screen to save power. If you don’t, the screen will dim automatically when the battery gets critically low.

I’m a phone at 15% right now.

Work is nuts. There’s so much I want to get done. But I’m so happy to have Mum and Dad visiting! We’re going to have a lot of fun and there have been plenty of laughs already ๐Ÿ™‚ Unfortunately I feel like I wasn’t ready for them to arrive yet, but that’s only because usually when they come I immediately work shorter hours for a week or so. That wasn’t an option this time so I feel a bit guilty about shipping them off sightseeing when I can’t join them. “Nice to see you, now get on a train and get out of here!”. Then in the evenings I’m busy applying for jobs. Typical – no good vacancies for weeks and then 5 come along at once! I think the best solution for my mental state is to just accept that I’m not on top of things. Mum and Dad are seeing new places, so they will have fun anyway. I’ll get my job applications done, work as much as I can at work but in the end I need to a) accept that I will not be able to achieve the lofty goals I set for myself, b) take a deep breath, and c) chill out and have fun!

Brain Goal: I will test my new blog plan over the craziness of Easter
Action: Still managing to work! Touch wood!

Body Goal: I will stretch every day until I can sit cross-legged on the floor again.
Action: I give up on this one as it is. I need to rethink this goal.

Soul Goal: I will write a business plan for my next venture – getting paid to write.
Action: On hold until after the Easter exuberance. Too much holidaying to do yet!

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