Tue Review: 3 October 2017

Tue Review: 3 October 2017

Okay, it’s been a whole month since I did an update, AND I haven’t done much towards my goals. But I survived the biggest event of the year for work, and had a wonderful getaway to France!

The getaway was exactly what we had hoped for. With work being so busy, we wanted to have a weekend away somewhere we could take long, curiosity-raising walks and then sit and admire our surroundings. Carcassonne was perfect for that! We walked all around the city walls, ate amazing food and sat in picturesque little coffee shops and stared lovingly at each other in a very cartoony fashion!


We plan to have more weekends like that. As many as we can before Ryanair completely falls over…

Brain: I will write a To-Do list.
Action: Is that the most pathetic thing on a to-do list to not have done? Haha, oh well.

Body: I will have two “exercise days” per week.
Action: This, I’m doing well! Averaging 11k steps over the getaway, and I’ve been scooting. Well, not when it was wet, and now I’m waiting for my post-Freshers-flu asthma before returning to the scooting. But the walks around here are soooo peaceful so I should still be able to get enough steps.

Soul: I will express myself creatively for 30 minutes each week.
Action: I might have done this, but I wasn’t really paying attention!!!

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