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Tue Review 3 May 2016

I have been on the hunt for a new job for almost 12 months. I have no complaints about my current job other than that it is too comfortable.  The work is fairly steady, the team is lovely, the location is convenient and there is free parking.  The role is exactly the type that someone could stay in and cruise their way into retirement.  To me, this is a problem.  This level of comfort is uncomfortable for me. I’m not ready for this yet, I want to push myself more.  So I’ve been picky, only applying for jobs that are at the furthest reach of my grasp, and in the meantime have been exercising my brain by developing the website.

Five applications over 12 months and 4 interviews later, I’m only 2 months away from starting a new job!

The reaction from colleagues has been interesting.  Happy for me, sad to see my go, and strangely concerned. The new role is significantly higher level than what I’m doing now. Way higher. Startlingly higher. So my colleagues are shocked that I appear to be moving from calm comfort to a hornet’s nest of chaos. My response to them has become tedious, “yes I’m excited, but I’m quite sad to leave and it feels a bit weird and surreal right now”.  All of this is true. But their concern reminds me that all they know of me is at this desk. We’re all made of jigsaw puzzle pieces and some of my colleagues have only seen the “PA” piece.  In fact, the majority of my colleagues would only be able to identify 4 pieces of me – “PA”, “wife”, “Australian”, “loves to travel”. Oh, and possibly “has a lot of shoes”.

Now that I think about it, few people would be able to identify what makes me “me” these days. My friends circle is smaller and I’m not in an open-plan office (let’s face it, open plan offices are basically Question Time with the time limit being how long it takes for your cuppa to cool down). Plus, my current job literally to assist someone else so there’s very little scope for self-expression.

I wonder how much my external persona will change with the new role?  A lot, I hope.  I’d like to get more of my old groove back.

As for my wider goals, I got completely off track so with the launch of the website I’m going to relaunch my action plan.


Brain Goal for 2016: I will read 5 books by Christmas.

Action: I’m still out of the habit of reading and I need to schedule my time better so I can enjoy it more! Reading before bed is generally well regarded for a good night’s sleep, so that’s my plan for this week – go to bed early and read until my usual bed time. Yes, I have a bed time. Anyway, I think I’ll read my favourite book, my extremely worn and beaten copy of “Felidae on the Road”. A gruesome murder mystery in which all the main characters happen to be feline. Yes, it’s an adults book.  I love it, so reading it again should make my new reading routine easier to settle into.

Body Goal for 2016: I will exercise for 30 minutes every day, outside when the weather permits.

Action: Watch that weather app! I’m pretty good at maintaining a routine now, but I need to up the intensity and get more fresh air.  When the new job starts I’ll be getting much more fresh air, which will make my immune system very happy!

Soul Goal: I will visit 3 new places by Christmas. The original goal was 12 for the year and I’ve already hit 9 so “whoop whoop”! Sao Miguel, Peterborough, Savona, Naples, Messina, Corfu, Dubrovnik, Trieste, and Horsey.  All wonderful in their own way!

Action: Well, we have good friend coming to visit on his first UK trip, so I’m sure we’ll see something new. Although I’m sure most of our outings will be to our favourite spots. I do need to book us in for a few days in Scotland, however!



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