Tue Review: 3 March 2020

Tue Review: 3 March 2020

I had planned to write my next review on the last Tuesday of the month, but I guess the first Tuesday of the month is just as good! The last Tuesday of February was the day before we flew out to Malaga airport for a stay in Fuengirola. It was a trip we were lucky to make – we both got the flight time wrong and only realised less than a week before the trip!

It was a fantastic holiday, full of walks, talks, amazing food and some goal-setting. That’s the stuff dreams are made of! Oh, and there was a cat. Perfection 🙂

Physical: Get my waist measurement to be under half my height.

Action: I lost a kilo in Spain, which is handy, but my routine post-holiday is not great.

Mental: I will do intermittent fasting for a month.

Action: I have been doing it (win!) but not regularly enough or solidly enough. Better luck next time?

Spiritual: I will add some writing time to my morning routine.

Action: I’m writing more! It’s helping me feel good and it’s easier sine I bought an adorable little notebook in Fuengirola that is small enough for my handbag, but big enough for words to flow.

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