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Tue Review: 29 November 2016

I have started to enjoy the gym. There is some satisfaction in feeling a certain amount of burn, but not so much that it makes one homicidal/suicidal. Just enough to feel a little accomplished. The problem is that we may have to change gyms. Because we can only go at peak times we have to pay the higher membership fee. But then because we can only go at peak times, we can’t always get to use the equipment in our exercise plans. I don’t think I’ve done a full routine in weeks.

Brain Goal: I will read a book by Christmas.
Action: Still getting through “Hegemony or Survival”, a page of two at a time while I microwave my  lunch ☺

Body Goal: I will exercise for 1 hour per day, 6 days per week.
Action: All good, hopefully I can find a way to keep it up over Christmas!

Soul Goal: I will set up my volunteering-related new page by Christmas.
Action: It’s on my mind a lot, I just need to get it online.

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