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Tue Review: 29 June 2016

The last two weeks have been amazing! There have been welcomes and farewells, sightseeing of new and familiar sights and an awful lot of great food. I write this having just finished my second day in my new role and I’m super enthused about it. Day one was amazing, simply the best first day ever.  I was served up a project smorgasbord in the form of spreadsheet, with over 20 tasty projects to devour. I’ve already booked meetings with the key contacts and attended some high level meetings. Bliss!

Goal Check!

Brain Goal: I will read 5 books by Christmas.
Action: I purchased a book on Scottish folk tales while in Luss, so that’s the next book on my to-read list.

Body Goal: I will exercise for 30 minutes every day, outside when the weather permits.
Action: I feel like I pushed the reset button on this. The last two weeks have involved huge amounts of exercise, but the food intake negated any weight loss. Still, I feel a little fitter.

Soul Goal: I will visit 12 new places by Christmas (COMPLETE!)
Action: That’s right, we went to so many new places, mainly in Scotland: Glendevon, Stirling and Luss. Should I restart this goal as another countdown, or should I plan something different? I’ll think over that.

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