Tue Review: 28 January 2020

Tue Review: 28 January 2020

Happy New Year! Belated, yes. But I have returned. I feel things have changed a lot since I was last here 12 months ago.

Let’s start with what is the same: loving my amazing husband, our adorable flat, and my crazy job. Fitness is also much the same, as are my poor habits. But the travel is also going well – the feature image is from Toulouse, where we went for a day. Yup, just a day.

What’s new? I’ve recently started learning about the philosophy of stoicism, and I’m finding it extremely interesting and helpful. It’s also changing the way I think about goals and how I fit into my own little part of the world. Thoughts on fitting into the bigger world will probably come later! But what I’ve learned so far about stoicism has been extremely reassuring. It fits in with what I feel inside it be logical and, to an extent, what I think I always believed.

It’s the same feeling I had after reading Many Lives, Many Masters, a curious little book about a psychiatrist who accidentally hypnotisesa patient into their past life and learns about a soul’s journey through time. It was very much in line with my personal beliefs about reincarnation and the afterlife and I finished the book thinking that my gut instincts about some things in life aren’t so crazy. 

Stoic thought is also something that clicks with me as compatible with my personality and beliefs. Some of my favourite sayings (including ones I’ve made up myself!) fit in with stoic thought. For example, “What other people think of me is none of my business”. I didn’t understand that at all when I first heard it, and now I think it’s brilliant.  

So, what goals do I have these days?

Physical: Ultimately, I still want to get my waist measurement to be under half my height. It’s a sensible healthy goal.

Action: I temporarily got into the habit of getting up a little earlier in the morning and doing stretches. Hubby has been really on the ball with us going for walks and dance workouts with the xbox (hilarious sweaty fun!), so if I can get my morning routine back I’ll really see and feel the benefits.

Mental: I will do intermittent fasting for a month. Why is this a mental goal, rather than a physical one? Because my eating habits are entirely behavioural. My mind tells me to eat, not by body. My body is thoroughly nourished already, haha. 

Action: Plan! I’m going to do the 5:2 diet, which I also dabbled with last year, and I know I can do it well if I plan. So this week I’m going to find a nice egg salad recipe that can give me a protein hit on fasting days and that also works as a wrap filling for hubby. Win, win.

Spiritual: I will add some writing time to my morning routine.

Action: I’m wondering less about how to do this and more about the time. Once I get going I’m determined to finish my thoughts and I won’t always have that much time available, but I’m thinking too far ahead. If I start with one notepad page per day I can adjust from there.

I can do this 🙂

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