Low-key big living

Tue Review: 23 August 2016

Feeling a little more motivated towards getting my blog posts done. And we have a week of next week – YAY!!!! Really, what I need to do is “put my big girl panties on” (as an old friend would say) and just claim my time. I’m too easy-going for my own good when I really ought to hold my ground more. So I will do other’s work when I want, but priority goes to my own!
Goal Check!
Brain Goal: I will read 5 books by Christmas.
Action: Oops.
Body Goal: I will exercise for 30 minutes every day, outside when the weather permits.
Action: Doing awesomely! Only lost 1 kilo, but I must be working up my muscles! And I’ve caught a lot of Pokemon, ha ha.
Soul Goal: I will create a post for each of the new places I’ve visited this year.
Action: It’s very high up on next week’s to do list!

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