Tue Review: 15 August 2017

Tue Review: 15 August 2017
I’ve done something small and it’s driving me crazy. I misplaced a key. The last time I used it was only yesterday morning, and yet I can’t remember where I put it. The second-last time I used it, I remember thinking “We really need to make a copy of this key, it’s risky to only have one.”
Ironic, hey?
There are three things that we are unable to access do to my carelessness:
1.       My beloved scooter
2.       Our collection of alcoholic spirits
3.       Our rubbish bins
Despite the fact that the council hasn’t collect our rubbish for a month, the last item above is the most awkward. I’m going to have to take our kitchen waste for a walk to throw into a public bin. Fine for today, not a great long-term solution.
My task for tonight is to find this stupid key. I’m sure we could order a replacement. It might cost us 2 weeks and £20 or something, but that’s not the point. I’m just extremely absent-minded at times, particularly if I’m stressed or worried about something. Whatever is in my hand will just disappear. I’ll put it down somewhere and even when I find it I have no memory of putting it there.
Not the worst. I once went to eat a hot cross bun and suddenly realised I’d eaten four. That’s extremely annoying, because I got none of the enjoyment of eating and all of the calories!!!
I’m aware that I’ve not been properly managing my time or commitments lately. Instead of actively spending my spare time on things that I enjoy or that are good for me, I’ve been mindlessly zoning out online with games and FB scrolling. Not the best way to spend an evening.
My new motto should be Blog, Don’t Blob! 😀
But anyway, let’s see how the rest of life is going!
Brain Goal: I will get up to date with my new job.
Action: I’m almost there. It’s still been a rough ride!
Body Goal: I will get better at riding the scooter until I can scoot all the way to work without stopping.
Action: I can get a third of the way on the my less dominant side, so that’s an improvement!
Soul Goal: I will plan my blog posts for the rest of the year.
Action: Okay, still not done yet. But I have hope 🙂
*Update: The building team had spare keys and gave me three, no charge! Wednesday win!!!

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