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Tue Review: 14 February 2017

Happy Valentine’s Day! I’ll be honest. I have no idea about the history of Valentine’s Day and I’m not a big fan. I don’t like the idea of spending money on your loved one for the sake of a social norm. But I do love romantic time with hubby, so instead of buying chocolates or “Love Coupons” or some other entirely random item, I decided that hubby and I should cook a 3-course meal together at home. Technically, I am contributing to the commericalisation of love by buying things that I wouldn’t normally, but it’s only groceries and not an overpriced stuffed toy that will only collect dust.

Brain Goal: I will successfully complete a project for Asgardia. I will test my new blog plan for a week.
Action: I decided to change this one as it’s more out of my control than in. Blogging is much more in control, and I’ve planned out my weekly posts for almost a whole year – I just need to actually write them. If I can follow my plan for a week, then I have a good plan. If I can, then I have a good draft of a plan 🙂

Body Goal: I will stretch every day until I can sit cross-legged on the floor again.
Action: I’ve been crossing my legs on the sofa every afternoon. Hubby laughs at me because I look so awkward. I get the sense that I look like Wile E. Coyote falling through the sky with my knees poking out. But I can sit like that for about 10 minutes, so that is progress!

Soul Goal: I will write a business plan for my next venture – getting paid to write.
Action: I have a terrible time narrowing my focus. I have so many good ideas and not enough time to develop them all. But I know that if I don’t put in the effort, they will never become reality, so I do need an actual plan.

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