Tue Review: 12 June 2018

Tue Review: 12 June 2018

Well. What have actually been up to this year. I’ve been loving my new job (happy 1st anniversary to me!), I’ve been playing around on some other blogs and have neglected my identity a little, a nasty habit I have which drew me to creating this blog in the first place.

So what do I do? Why do I get so easy sucked into things that cost me time, when they aren’t what I actually value? Okay, I know why it happens with the TV. It’s really cosy watching TV with hubby. And technically I know why it happens with the phone. It’s relaxing. But I don’t need that much relaxation, since it isn’t as relaxing as it seems when it gets to 10pm and I realise I’ve wasted my evening.

What I have managed to do is try out a few other things. Like Slimming World. I’ve not been doing it “properly”, it has potential to be really useful and successful. It has certainly helped me think more about what I’m eating. But I still need to work on the exercise, as usual. I’m not scooting to work because it a peak season and I sometimes need the car, but that finishes this week – hurrah!

Looking back at this blog, I’ve been thinking about what ideas I tried that have stayed with me in terms of getting healthier. So I went back to Nerd Fitness and had a look at the body weight workout, which is easy in that it doesn’t need equipment and hard in that I need to work my way up to doing a complete set because it’s a killer for my thighs! But other that the fitness element, I do want to work on any exercise that helps me with stairs. If travelling teaches me anything is that beautiful panoramas of cities involve a horrendous number of steps! Next time, I’d like to be a bit more prepared!

So, it’s time for be to get focused. Brain. Body. Soul.

Brain: I will complete Tale of Two Cities by July September.
Action: I think that’s a reasonable adjustment. It’s not like it’s hard to read, I just need to reprioritise it (read as “stop playing The Sims Mobile non-stop).

Body: I will get my waist measurement down to less than half my height.
Action: I’ve got an app to track my weight but not my waist measurement. Not that I need an app. But I’m I’m going to start measuring I need to pick a way of recording.

Soul: I will write 500 words a week on my novel draft. I will make a plan for Camp NaNoWriMo in July.
Action: I had a plan for Nano back in November, but I realised halfway through that it wasn’t working for me. But I picked out the most obvious issues and began building a plan from that. I’ve still got a lot of planning to do if I don’t want to become too much of a “panster”.

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