More green, less screen in Glendevon

More green, less screen in Glendevon

The sound of rain was a blessing. We’ve all stated “I love the sound of rain” at some point, but in Glendevon it has an especially sweet tone. As with any expedition in the UK the weather was a gamble, but we were in Scotland for only 3 days so there was no choice but to endure it. It was the evening of our first night and I was already glad for the excuse to stay. Up until late gossiping. Up again at 4:30am to catch a train. Travelling with friends quickly leads to a happy and fulfilling type of exhaustion.

In this case, it was within 24 hours of departure. At 8:30pm on our first night in Scotland, we were already splayed over sofas watching a movie. Yet, I didn’t feel as though we were wasting our time.

Travel is exhausting. Socialising is exhausting. Both can be soul-lifting, enjoyable and hilarious activities, but it can really take it out of you. That what made Glendevon so special. The hillside environment and lack of phone signal created an instantly switched-off feel and our first viewing of Gogglesprogs set us up for a night of laughs and good old-fashioned D&Ms. Okay, that sounds strange after saying that we watched Gogglesprogs and a movie, but it was temporarily on in the background and most of the night was conversation instead. It was certainly the most switched off we’d been in a while.

Since then, I’ve been very tempted to suggest that we have one night a week at home without the TV on, but it will be a long time before would suggest coming between the love of my life and the second love of his!

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