Working it: Eye Shape

Working it: Eye Shape
Once again, The Pool has sent me off on a research mission. I follow The Pool on Facebook and find it’s a solid 3-way split: 1/3 disagree, 1/3 agree, 1/3 “Oh hell yeah, right on, sista!”.
The post that sent me searching was this: How I finally learnt to put my make-up on properly
When I put an effort into my eyeshadow, I get a lot of compliments. I’m okay at blending, and because I’m warm-toned I use shades that my friends don’t use, so I stand out anyway. But I never really thought about the shape of the colouring. I knew what didn’t work – cat-eyes. Regardless of the trend, cat-eyes of any description seemed to make my eyes look saggy.
Fortunately for you, I found the answers online so you don’t have to look around:

Step 1 – Check you have the basics

Make sure you have the minimum supplies: eyeshadow, concealer, eye pencil, eyeliner, mascara. You’ll find a lot of websites talk about primers, mists, setting solutions and other products that make it sound as though you’re adding scaffolding to your face, but for you day-to-day wear, these items will be fine (plus brow pencil, but brows are a whole other topic).

Step 2 – Find your shape

Identify your eye shape. I found this Wikihow article  and this one from Vogue the most useful.

Step 3 – See the suggestions

Check out some options for your eye shape. I find sketches, rather than photos, easier to use to understand eyeshadow instructions. For that reason, I recommend these sites for guidance:
  • – by far my favourite guide
  • stylercaster – good becuase it has sketched and images side by side
  • Beautygeeks – the chart is actually by Smashbox, but it turns up on a lot of beauty pages because it so comprehensive!

Step 4 – optional videos

Check out some YouTube videos. This might be hard if you can’t find good quality videos of someone with the same eye shape as you, but you could be lucky!

Step 5 – Just go for it!

Practice, practice, practice! Play with colour combinations and shades, matt and wet look liners. Have a go, find out what look you like and let me know how it went!

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