The dreaded ‘Dress Code’

The dreaded ‘Dress Code’

Confession time: I did another order from Everything5Pounds. I have mixed feelings, and this is why.

I has been trying to resist fast fashion. Having said that, some of the items from E5P are excellent quality. The other reason for internal disquiet is that the reason I needed* to buy more clothes is because I woefully underestimated how cold it was going to be in February and ended up wearing the same jumper 2-3 times per week. That’s not exactly the way Project333 is meant to work. I should have allocated more tops and fewer dresses, and more of those tops should have been suitable for work. Lesson learned.

*I rarely need to buy new clothes, and I over justify every purchase I make.

My order arrived yesterday and I wonder whether I’ve overcompensated for my previous lack of winter wear. I’ve found myself with three new knit jumpers just as the temperature is getting back up to two digits.

But there are still a few weeks left of this season, and just as we move to the Spring wardrobe – which I’m still to select – we’ll be packing for our next getaway. No idea what to pack for that, but I know it won’t be a lot. We always go carry-on only.

Something that added an unexpected challenge to my daily clothing selection was my office dress code. Primarily because I didn’t know what it was, and once I did I risked losing my pants.

“No jeans or leggings.” For real?

It’s still winter. I have two pairs of trousers, one pair I tried on and they are too tight right now, so they give my walk a high-decibel replication of corduroy. *shudder*

I quizzed HR about it. They agreed that “jeans” is now a dubious term. When the dress code was originally created, jeans only meant blue denim. Now jeans covers a much wider range of leg covering, and at least half the organisation was probably wearing them. The point was, you couldn’t tell that they were “jeans”, they were just like sturdy, stretchy trousers.

Therefore, jeans are fine if they don’t look like jeans. How do you evaluate your wardrobe to that description?

Fortunately, I’d recently heard some friends complaining about their office dress code. Jeans weren’t an issue because their office had an excellent way of separating the comfortable, sensible jeans from the trendy-but-not-for-the-office jeans.

Clean, tidy, no contrasting stitching.

Instantly, it’s easy to know which of my jeans are fine. I don’t have any torn jeans (apart from the pair I was wearing today and discovered the thigh has just given out – damn). And I have two pairs of blue jeans with the classic amber stitching. Out they go. The black pair and the grey pair can stay.

I just hope they survive the winter.


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