Something borrowed – take a little #RoyalWedding with you

Something borrowed – take a little #RoyalWedding with you

Did you watch the royal wedding? It was the type of event that was hard to avoid, but has it happens, it was worth watching! After the initial wait to see the dress, there were the sweet little exchanges, the very popular bishop, and the shots of the audience where saw muted giggles and guests who looked asleep. Always fun!

The fashion was always going to be a hot topic. After all, everyone there must have put a lot of thought into their choices. My god, what would you wear to an event like that?!? Everyone looked stunning and, as it’s been shared on Twitter, it was diverse in terms of styles and influences.


So when work is busy, and you need that little extra kick, going for royal wedding inspired outfits seem like a good idea!

So what where the top looks? Three little words, if the hyphen works that way: florals, a-line, and navy.

Floral was the choice of Carey Mulligan, Joss Stone, Sofia Wellesley plus a few others. Most of which were drop-waist, with that 20s elegance. Doria Ragland chose florals and a coat, and Pippa Middleton added on our second top look: a-line.

Here at Pear Flair, we love a good a-line! While Pippa Middleton’s dress was gorgeous, Lady Kitty Spencer’s a-line floral number was more vivid and ready for spring in a bold dark green. I do hope to see more dark greens in the stores!

The green wasn’t the only darker shade in user, there was a lot of navy to be seen as well. At first, it seemed like an unusual choice for a spring wedding, but Victoria Beckham, Sarah Rafferty, and Jessica Mulroney, all made it work. Extra props to Sarah, those sleeves really tuned into classic visions of fairytale weddings!

While, the florals were to be expected, I think we’re in the middle of a revamp of the colour navy. The great thing about navy is that even though it’s a cool colour, warm-toned people (like me), can do very well in navy as it’s  very dark. Extra bonus, it’s easy to match with super bright accessories!

I have a necklace that I came my “gumboil” necklace, which I love to wear with navy as the dark colour really makes the necklace pop. The same goes for white accessories and let’s face it, white and navy is a classic combination.

What suggestions do you have for pairing with navy?


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