Review: New Look “Yazmin”

Review: New Look “Yazmin”
I had been hunting around the UK for cheap high-waisted jeans for about a year and could not find any that fit. I finally came across the “Yazmin”. When did jeans all get their own names? I have a “Bailey” in my wardrobe as well.
But I digress.
According to reviews on the New Look website, the sizing has been changed recently so if you have previously not had any luck with Yazmins you might want to give them another go. Also, it’s not clear on the website image just how short the length of these jeans are (let’s face it, on a 5’9” model wearing ankle boots, any pair of jeans will look longer). These jeans are short. Let me say that again. These. Jeans. Are. Short.

What to look for in high waist jeans:

There are two main things I look for in a pair of high-waist jeans. Firstly, it should have a button fly. Zipping my belly tends to  make it sag a little, whereas a button fly is a firmer fit. Secondly, it should fit without a belt. This one is the tricky part because high-waist jeans cover more of the body than regular jeans, which means there are more areas to potentially not fit properly.

What the Yazmin jeans offer:

The Yazmin jeans are a skinny fit in a 7/8 length which is very much on trend at the moment. The fly is a combination of zip and button, but the button is on the belly region so it performs the same amount of firming you’d expect from a full button fly. I’ve gone for the black and it’s a soft black, not richly dark but not faded either. The colour options, along with the length, put them in the casual category. You can dress them up into a smart-casual look, but because if the length it’s really the footwear that will make or break your chosen look.

How they fit on a pear:

Miraculously, I can actually wear these without a belt. Strangely though, I still wore one for the first few weeks. I suspect this is just out of habit. They feeling of a belt gives me reassurance. I fought against this and have worn them for the last week without a belt and they stay up. Plus, they are more comfortable.
The zip fly is very short and I have had a few occasions of the zip coming down. Not sure what movement is causing this, but if I figure it out I will update you here. It’s probably just a fault in my pair.
In terms of comfort, they are very good. 2% elastane means that there is enough stretch for the areas that need it, but they are still firm enough to feel like jeans and not jeggings.

Overall rating:

Fit: 4/5
Colour: 4/5
Comfort: 5/5
Durability: 3.5/5 (mainly because of the falling fly issue)
Price: 4/5

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