Phasing in some minimalism

Phasing in some minimalism
Indoor minimalist, outdoor stylish – can I look creative without owning much stuff?
We're looking for a new place to live. Super excited about the possibility of moving into a dream home: a shiny new apartment on the outskirts of the city. Close enough to walk to work, out enough to get a little quiet time.
It motivated Hubs and I to think about minimalism. We don’t need to as the apartment is going to be slightly bigger than where we are now, but moving home is a good opportunity to clear out the unnecessary and make some charity shop very happy.
I do often look at my wardrobe and wonder what I really need. I don’t want to the minimalist look (all monochrome and indistinct). I want to own little and be able to do a lot with what I have.
Before I start chucking stuff into a goodie bag for my local op shop, I have a question. Do you have separate work items and non-work items? Or is everything multi-purpose?
I have separate classifications in my wardrobe, even though smart-casual is the standard for my office. I still divide my clothes separately because I like the feeling of having a “uniform”. It gives me confidence to put on “work” clothes, “work” hairstyle, “work” makeup and, you know, get to work. But how many outfits do I really need?
I’ve decided to go for 3 trousers, 2 skirts, 5 tops and 5 dresses. Each item worn once would be two weeks of clothing. Then 5 bottoms plus 5 tops makes 25 combinations, plus 5 dresses and I’ve got 30 outfits! A different look every day for a month!

Next are the outer layers. Not a deal in summer, but for most of the year I’m going to want to have another layer either on me or easily accessible. I have blazers, cardis, wraps, jackets, coats and jumpers. Okay, now this is getting difficult.
Looking in my wardrobe, I realised that I forgot that I had a suit. I’ll have to keep that, it’s my power outfit. I’m not going to count it in the tally since it’s not going to be in regular use. I feel like I’m cheating already. Oh well. Back to the outer layers.
Since I can’t decide where to start, I’ll start culling from each section:
Cardis: I have seven. I love cardis, they’re so portable and easy and they come in every colour. But I guess I don’t need seven. I’ll only keep four.
Blazers: Ignoring the one with the suit, I have 2 and one I never wear. That was easy.
Wraps: Should I count these as outer layers, or accessories? I guess they are layers. I can’t part with any of them, I’ll have to keep all three.
Jumpers: I didn’t wear either of them last winter. Out they go!
Coats: Workwear-wise, I have two. A light one and a heavy one. So I’m keeping both of those.
Okay, that’s a start! What do you think? How many work items do you have?

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