Not resolutions, just good ideas

Not resolutions, just good ideas

Happy New Year, and all that. You had a good Chrissy? A nice break from work (for some)? Laughed, drank, got fat? Good job.

Have you set any new year’s resolutions? Ugh. No. No I have not. You know why? Because I’m really not that resolute.

Being resolute feels so aggressive. I don’t mind being assertive, but I don’t particularly want to start the year by thinking about strict rules. The reasoning behind the resolutions is what’s important.

There are some positives I’ve been thinking about lately. Over the last year, there have been a few things I’ve put more effort into that I would like to continue. They also have a sustainable/ethical theme:

  1. When travelling, only buying locally-made souvenirs (sometimes challenging)
  2. Only buying “cruelty-free” cosmetics
  3. Moving away form “fast fashion” and buying quality, lasting items instead
  4. Not buying unnecessary nonsense that I’m only going to once

These are things I’ve always felt were “the right thing to do”, but I was either skint or weak.

Neither excuse is viable now. So I will make an effort. A bit more animal-friendly. A bit more environmentally-friendly. A bit more ethical.

No “new year” overhaul. Just being a bit… more.


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