How TV stylists don’t understand ‘style’

How TV stylists don’t understand ‘style’

Don’t get me started on stylists. I remember watching some makeover show, and in the end every single curvy woman was wearing black and grey. It was all about subtle colours, “minimising” and distracting the eye from “problem areas”.

Stylists such as those particular presenters were my problem area! They never once asked how the women felt about their curves, they just assumed that because they had big thighs or a big bum that they must want to “minimise” it. Screw you, Captain Bland!

Personally, I don’t like being told pears shouldn’t wear pencil skirts as it emphasised the width of the hip. I don’t mind looking hippy. I find I walk with a rather cocky strut when I wear a pencil skirt. Given my pear shape, a stylist would probably dress me like this:

  • a dark A-line skirt (dark colours and A-line would “minimise” my bum)
  • a vertically striped top (becuase stripes are in and vertical ones should make me look taller, lengthening my wider body)
  • some nude or maybe pink stilettos (to add height and “minimise” my chunky legs)
  • an oversized handbag as a statement piece, to distract from my “problem areas”

I would probably look good, and I might even like the outfit – for 20 minutes. But what advice would such a look give me about style? The message that would be constantly drilled in (as it was on this show) is that if you have larger thighs they are always a problem. If you’re shorter than average, this is always a problem. If you have anything that considered to be less than the current ideal, then it is always a problem and must always be minimised!

What a terrible idea! Why should our fashion choices be decided by what we want to hide? Why is it assumed that everyone wants to hide the same things? Why can’t fashion be about what we want to promote, what we want to feel and who we really are?

Television stylists are usually focused on the day’s trends, rather than actual style. You can work a trend into your style, but if you wear all the latest looks without making it your own you’ll be trendy, but you won’t have style.

Are there some pear “rules” that you’re sick of hearing?

4 thoughts on “How TV stylists don’t understand ‘style’”

  • I have a cousin who works in modeling. Often times when I go to visit her, she seems upset about something that they dress her in or some form of makeup they put on her. It often seems like that the media only seem to degrade our sense of self-worth and importance. This article is so amazing. I’m going to refer my cousin to is. Thanks for the info.

    • Modelling must be incredibly hard, so exhausting, and the whole job is about being what others want you to be and not yourself. Tell her to keep her chin up, hopefully there’ll be more good days than bad ones!

      Thanks for reading, and please do share the post 🙂

  • This article is so refreshing! i completely agree with you and I find it rather annoying when I see them on TV. The sad thing is that there are people who believe them and waste their money on trendy clothes and what not. You should feel and look good with whatever you wear. I am one of the few women who doesn’t like to have many handbags (tend to forget things) so I have a only 5 (which is not enough according to my friends). Lately there is a trend that you should have a “certain” color of bag with a “certain” color of clothes leading women to buy more hand bags. When will it end?

    • Exactly! And when someone says “You can’t wear those two colours together”, I think “Well, maybe you can’t, but I can!” 🙂 Thanks for reading, I’m glad you enjoyed it!

      As for handbags I used to be a junkie, now I have 3. Although I am guilty of being regularly tempted by novelty ones!

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