Hair choices… sombre or ombre?

Hair choices… sombre or ombre?
I’ve been thinking about doing something new with my hair. I’ve always had a history of playing withcolour, but for the last five years I’ve been rather tame. Partly because I was being “sensible” (i.e. “corporate”) and partly because I was growing it long and didn’t want to mess with it too much.
It was also partly because for the first time since I was a toddler my hair was an actual colour – light brown. As opposed to mousy-dirynewpaper-blandness-with-a-hint-of-old-teabag colour.
Now I have super long hair that needs a good trim, and a restorative keratin treatment. So why not get a nice colour done, too?
Here is my predicament. If I were to get whatever colour I wanted, I would get hologram hair. I came across it last night and it looks amazing! I would also consider rainbow hair and unicorn hair. I love that such thing exist <3

Rainbow Hair by Alexandre Breveglieri, CC BY 2.0, Flickr

But I know that hologram hair is our of the question, and the other two are also problematic because I have warm skin tone. So much blue with make my skin look a little sickly (trust me, I’ve been blue before). I would have to go for warmer tones, and the ombre look works perfectly for this. (flame hair, variousombres).

Nicole @nichole9 was my canvas today, and @pulpriot was my paint.? Go to the Cloverdale Rec Centre and take her spin, or boot camp class!?‍♀

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I adore the fiery look! I’m extremely tempted by it. I don’t have to worry about “professionalism” being an issue; my manager’s manager has purple hair. But do I want that much maintenance? I had pink streaks once. They would start as hot pink and fade to baby pink over 2-3 weeks and then I would recolour. But they were only streaks, so it was easy. What would a headful of colouring effort feel like? All that effort was the main reason I stopped being a blonde.
So I’m looking for a middle ground. I can keep my natural hair colour (including the 4 greys I have on one side) and will add some blonde to the bottom. Or maybe some rose. Or amber. What other warm tones are trending right now?

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