Which items on your list need to kick the bucket?

Which items on your list need to kick the bucket?

I often think about what I want to achieve in life. I also like to think about soulful things that hubby and I can do together. So I was very excited when he got on board the idea of creating a “40 before 40” list. I’ve come up with 20 so far, hubby is already at 30. I decided to tap into a former version of myself for inspiration.

10 years ago, a friend and I were emailing each other at work. Not sure what her office thought about that, but my office was very chilled. The actually said “once you get your work done, you can just sit on MySpace for the rest of the day if you like”. Yes, that chilled. Yes, that long ago.

At some point my friend and I got to talking about bucket lists and we each came up with 100 things to do before we die. That list still sits in old email account and here are the highlights:
1. 23 year old me was kooky. The list included “Shave my head” and “Convert a 1983 Nissan Bluebird into a fish tank”.

2. In 10 years I have ticked of 19 goals, including 3 career goals (e.g. “Become a manager”), 1 family goal (“take Mum on a holiday”) and 15 personal goals (“Live on my own”).

3. Some of the goals on the list weren’t mine.

This is something many of us struggle with – knowing why we want something. Maybe it’s because others tell you should want it because they do, even though you’re not interested (“Steal a street sign with my name on it”). Maybe you think that a particular achievement will increase others’ opinion of you or respect for you (“Have a job that pays at least 70k”).

Sometimes it’s because we’re not sure that we know everything there is to know about ourselves, so we want to try somebody else’s experiences and find out if we feel the same way they do. It may not be your own goal, but at least you know that you’re borrowing it.

“Learn Latin or Salsa dancing”  was on my list for that reason, and I might still keep it. What’s on your list? What goals have you taken off your bucket list?


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