Top 5 online cures for feeling bummed

Top 5 online cures for feeling bummed

It’s Sunday afternoon. You’ve got a big week ahead and you just wish that you would finally get the call from the lottery people, letting you know that you’ve won a squillion and you never have to work again.

But there is no phone call, so you spend Sunday night channel surfing and mindlessly scrolling through Facebook, wishing your boredom and dread away.

So for those moments, here are the top 5 websites for lifting your spirits and making life bright and sparkly again!

To remind yourself that news can be happy: APlus

If you get sick of seeing pain, suffering, and conflict in the media? APlus is the answer. Positivity and empowerment is always the top story here.


To feel giggle at furry friends:

There are plenty of fun animal websites around, but anything to do with pet shaming is a good choice. Dog shaming is probably the most popular, but I recommend googling “chicken shaming”, too!


Dog shaming, appropriately sourced from
To feel impressed and amused: WINS (via Cheezburger)

There are lots of websites that get their laughs at others’ expense. WINS will give you a few schadenfreude-free smiles 🙂

Real-life Flintstones home, anyone?
To feel inspired to do something different:

You may have heard of TED talks, but have you read the TED blog? If you don’t have the time, data or privacy for a video, browse through the TED blog to feed some curious thoughts into your mind.

TED blogs, exploring the study of deja vu… wait, didn’t they do that already?
To never feel alone:

If you feel the need for company, but you don’t want to socialise, listen to a podcast. Download an a suitable app or go online (I use Player FM), pick a topic and start listening. A favourite of mine is SRSLY, which is about pop culture. It opened my eyes to the depths of content in the film ‘Get Out’, and their F.R.I.E.N.D.S. special made me snort out loud at work.

But if you do want to get social, try a forum or a chatroom. Yes, chat rooms still exist! I just found out ICQ still exists, and I chatted there almost 20 years ago! But there are other places such as Tiny Chat or Just Chat.

Forums aren’t as instant, but you may find some people you really click with, from Mumsnetters to Asgardians.

Or you could always message me via Twitter, Instagram or Facebook 🙂


Any other places you like to add to this list?

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