Start. Anything. Just start.

Start. Anything. Just start.

I voted Remain and I don’t agree with Trump. I also don’t feel very connected to many other Remainers or anti-Republicans. Why? Because right now I’m seeing a lot of cheap insults from both sides (and a lack of independent journalism) and so I really don’t want the “Remoaner” or “never-Trumper” label. Or the “ignorant elitist”. Yikes.

What I really want is an action list. So I’ve made one. Feel free to follow it, ignore it or criticise it. But it made me feel less defeated.

  1. 1. Sign the petition for electoral reform. End the oppression of First-Past-The-Post.
  2. 2. Follow the plan to introduce associate membership of the EU. You take the UK out of the EU, but you can’t take the EU out of the 48%.
  1. 1. Join your local electoral reform group (UK, US, and I’m sure many other countries have their own groups). Yes, that includes you too, Aussies. Your voting system may be better than many others, but it could do with some tweaking.
  2. 2. Pick the one thing about the world today that depresses you the most. Support a group that’s trying to fit that. It’s hard when you start thinking “I want to help refugees, but what about all the homeless people? And how can I help the disadvantaged access the opportunities that I have had? Oh god, what about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch and all those fish eating plastic, and all the people with cancer or dementia?!? THERE’S TOO MUCH HORRIBLENESS IN THIS WORLD!!! I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO!!!”Don’t get overwhelmed by everything that’s a mess right now. Pick the one issue that makes you the most angry/queasy/depressed. Don’t feel guilty if you’re helping trees instead of people. The point is that you’re helping.

Start today, and you’re already doing more than you did yesterday.

Start. Anything. Just start.

I’ve started giving free jobhunting help. Doing something starts now.

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