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Tue Review

Tue Review 31 May 2016

Tomorrow is launch day! I’m not as ready as I would like to be, but I’m more ready that I need to be. That’s good enough. If I wait until I’m ready I’ll be waiting forever and I’m not going to choose perfectionism over productivity. […]

Tue Review 24 May 2016

Tue Review 24 May 2016 This week, I made a complaint about being misled by a charity.  Not something I felt good about, but I hate the thought of the questionable actions of a sad few stopping others from engaging with charities. There are good […]

Tue Review 17 May 2016

Found a note I left for myself earlier this week. All it said was “Dress Shorts”. Confused. I don’t wear shorts. #SometimesIDon’tGetMe In the hectic productivity of the last week, I got into a habit of writing down notes on scraps of paper the moment […]

Tue Review 3 May 2016

I have been on the hunt for a new job for almost 12 months. I have no complaints about my current job other than that it is too comfortable.  The work is fairly steady, the team is lovely, the location is convenient and there is […]

Tue Review 10 May 2016

Sometimes, the difference between the upbringing of my husband and I is vivid. Over time the edges have softened and we meet in the middle more frequently. However, there is a non-avoidable aspect of life that we still negotiate delicately. It’s the subject of death, […]