Unexpectedly useful things to do in an interview

Unexpectedly useful things to do in an interview

You can find interview tips all over the internet (including on Hermitopia!), but here are the hidden tips that will get you noticed and remembered.

Wear the company colours

This tip is great for any organisation that takes pride in appearance and brand visibility. Think airlines, large consumer brands, and retail sales where there is a uniform. This doens’t mean you need to dress identically to the staff, but if the uniform is a red shirt, a red belt of a red tie subtly matches you to their brand.

Ask hard questions – even if it might embarrass them

Show them you know what you are signing up for! When you get to the part of the interview where they ask if you have any question, don’t hold back! Questions such as “What do you think the most challenging part of the job is?”, or “Why do you think there were no internal applicants for this role?” are great questions to ask because they show you are confident and not afraid of the challenges. Just be ready to answer that you are ready for whatever those challenges are!

Wear a signature item

Similar to the first point, you van help you case with further visual cues. After an interview, the panel will be reviewing your answers and marking your performance based on you answers, but it can be helpful to remembered for something bright and fun. Accessories, colours, a smart folder or carry bag – these items can help show more of your personality and make you more memorable. You are looking for something that will help you stay in people’s minds in a positive way.

All these tips together portray understanding of the organisation and a sense of self-confidence. Why not give these a try in your next interview?

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