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Are you an introvert who wants more out of life, but it seems a bit scary, or just a bit too much effort? Do you want to travel, get that promotion, try new things but it all just scares the tiddlywinks out of you? Hermitopia has been made for you by a happy hermit who has been through it all.

Need a little push to chase your dreams? Want to know how to travel affordability without having to share a dorm room (or *shudder* a bathroom)? Perhaps you want to know how to “sell yourself” at your next job interview what you truly despise talking about yourself? Get the advice you need to get what you want out of life – hermit style.

Ellie Jain

Ellie is a 30-something introvert who fears clowns, moths and stagnation. Life has never taken a standard route for Ellie, who moved from conventional high school to correspondence school at 13, then onto a technical college, only to end up at university doing a degree she hated.

After deferring from university and gaining her first paying job as a Dental Nurse (as you do!), Ellie eventually graduated and filled her days with public service administration and volunteer roles in music, media and waitressing. And cats. Always playing with cats.

One day, Ellie woke up and realised that she didn’t want her life anymore. So, at the borderline grown-up age of 27, she enrolled herself into a university on the other side of the planet and left everything behind.

Not bad for someone who was told that she would never amount to anything and would only be “a hermit”. Would never leave the house. Would never have a job. Too shy and anxious she wouldn’t even answer the phone until she was 15 (I kid you not, this is true).

Ellie now has a Master’s degree she barely uses, a powerful addiction to her loving husband, a curiosity about everything in the world, and a chronic need to write and to help others in any way she can. She also finds a way to feel at home, everywhere. Just like a hermit. You can follow her weekly musings under the blog category Tue Review, her professional writings are done as Socielly, and for curious self-blogging newbies you can follow the progress of the blog development as it happens.

AJ Jain

AJ is an extroverted hermit – he is energized by the company of others, but never wants to be too far from the comforts of home. He also opted for an international life-upgrade in his mid-twenties, bringing with him a passion languages, linguistics, effective communication training, ‘Harry Potter’ films and the TV show ‘Friends’.

As well as being madly in love with his wife, he’s also in love with his mobile phone, which encourages him to indulge in one of his favourite hobbies: digital photography.  You will find many of his images across the Hermitopia website and on Flickr.

Salzburg Hermitopia


Image: Lock bridge, Salzburg by AJ Jain . All rights reserved 



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